The Fish That Didn’t Get Away

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Moses went out one day into the burning desert to look for what…a sign.  Something to reassure himself that he did indeed have a purpose on the planet and that his guide to salvation wasn’t just the product of folklore.  He got a burning bush, some clay tablets and a true insight into the benefits of high-SPF sunscreen. Me, I don’t have a desert handy when I go looking for answers.  I look more toward the commonplace altars for guidance…and no, I don’t mean the Internet.  The World Wide Web, as its very name implies, snags just about everything in its snare—you can find anything (or everything) if you go looking for it.  I opt for a somewhat lazier route toward illumination…I check the shelves of the marketplace.  I hit the candy aisles. Continue reading

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It’s Christmeese Time

Yes, dear friends, that time of year is nearly upon us again…hot cocoa and mittens, reindeer and jingle-bells, the annual tree-killing ceremony and yes, even the time-honored tradition of finding a home for a stray Christmas moose.  These wandering meese (that’s plural for moose, except in Canada where it’s spelled mousse) come in all shapes and colors and sizes, and are usually found grazing beneath various and sundry conifers or perched politely on a doorstep.  The phraseology that ‘the moose is loose’, however, should not be construed as a commentary on lovesick ruminants nor as a medical diagnosis of a bowel disorder, but rather as a straightforward (and straight-faced) statement on migratory habit.
I was fortunate this season to have been invited to a Christmeese Round-Up (as hunting really is unneccessary—they just stand there) and managed to bag my limit, as it were.  So, I am happy to announce that this year’s supply of meese is better than adequate.  Continue reading
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Anonymous Philanthropy at Halloween

I was just thinking the other day (which is how it always starts, at least in the documented, behavioral surveys, but as I mentioned ‘that’s how it always starts’, so I have to run with it) that Halloween is one of those multi-purpose occasions that can be lumped in with several other gift-giving celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and the like, but with one notable difference. That difference is that Halloween is a true celebration of CHOICE.  Children arrive on your doorstoop dressed in costumes (to mask their true identities) and essentially pander for your goodies.  The little beggars don’t demand your goodies outright—though they do pose a question in an untimely and rather urgent fashion:  they bombard you with a chorus of “Trick Or Treat”. Which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is not really a statement, but rather a fairly interesting question:  trick OR treat? Continue reading

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The Boy Who Kicked The Bucket

Tragedy has struck again…I finished “Hornet’s Nest” last night and awoke today feeling that I’d just lost a good friend.  I was getting pretty close to the end of the book when it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t heard anything from Ronald Niedermann in quite some time.  He had to still be out there somewhere holding a grudge.  Nice of Stieg to include big brother in the epilogue.  So, on the whole, a happy ending—not quite what I was hoping for.  I mean, sure, enough characters hit the literary morgue, but not nearly enough to satisfy my cynical quota, especially for stories with recurring characters! Continue reading

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…but as I cannot have you following me either…

Not much more than a heat wave to report from this end, though the deluges of the past few days were certainly notable—and I was so thrilled to have not had to walk to work in them!!  Even reading while the storms unleashed their fury was difficult and I was reading a rather tedious dragon vs. knight vs. alchemist vs. boredom fantasy novel at the time.  The tragedy of that storyline, aside from the fact that the characters failed to die off fast enough, was that one of the characters spoke the one telltale line common to all great literature, “I would sooner destroy the palace than kill an artist such as yourself, but as I cannot have you following me either…”   Yes, that line from Princess Bride between Wesley and Inigo at the top of the cliff!!  I’m tempted to email Penguin Books and give them an earful, but if no editors nor publishers caught it anywhere along the way, then plagiarism must be okay these days.  Why even bother being original?!

So, on that note, instead of just saying ‘Bye for now’ like everybody else, I’ll just say OogaOogaOogaShaka.

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Rainin’ and readin’

We just survived another close weather pattern with high winds and threatening skies—which passed, for the most part, to the north of us without leaving too much destruction in its wake.  The brunt of wind and storm damage clippped the towns north here and into Pennsylvania, though it was thoroughly fascinating to watch both on the ground and on radar.  Meanwhile, I managed to learn quite a bit about storm formations, especially hurricanes (which is SO important here in the midwest).

Nothing much further to report on the storms in and around my knee, but don’t despair, I’m sure there will be all sorts of excitement come midweek—because there always has been, so it follows that my pain should become predictable.  Now, if only I could track it on radar. Continue reading

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The all new, one and only, first-time-ever, original remake…Part VI: The Prequel

As you already know, my free time is usually spent with books, movies and puzzles, and this multimedia approach for the most part amuses me and keeps me from joining a gang.  Everyone remember the Hollywood screenwriters strike that made headlines what, a decade ago?  Did it ever actually get resolved?  I remember a beginning, but I honestly don’t remember anyone saying that it ended, just that some of the late night talk show hosts had started hiring writers from the print media to add to their monologue staff.  Obviously, the last decade has seen an inordinate number of remakes and sequels at the box office—enough to qualify the movie-going experience as a return to the serial genre of the 30’s and 40’s.  The Lone Ranger Rides Again (and again and again and again)! Continue reading

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