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C.S.I. Xenia, or The Curse of Modern Television

It’s true what people say about localized crime, whether it be burglaries, vandalism, home-invasion or the more capital of crimes: you really don’t get the full effect unless you’re involved personally. ¬†God forbid it should happen to you, but if … Continue reading

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Spawn of EMG

A Pome from Home can be quite a pest like an electromyelography test; though painful at times, its cause is quite good— eliciting responses that you’d think it should. Richly enrobed in melodious verse, its glimmering surface belies its curse; … Continue reading

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Revenge of The Pome From Home

A Pome from Home is a delicacy specifically written for you…by me. The words are tenderly plucked at their peak with studious thought to the havoc they’ll wreak Violets are bluish and roses are reddish… the truism here is that … Continue reading

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