…but as I cannot have you following me either…

Not much more than a heat wave to report from this end, though the deluges of the past few days were certainly notable—and I was so thrilled to have not had to walk to work in them!!  Even reading while the storms unleashed their fury was difficult and I was reading a rather tedious dragon vs. knight vs. alchemist vs. boredom fantasy novel at the time.  The tragedy of that storyline, aside from the fact that the characters failed to die off fast enough, was that one of the characters spoke the one telltale line common to all great literature, “I would sooner destroy the palace than kill an artist such as yourself, but as I cannot have you following me either…”   Yes, that line from Princess Bride between Wesley and Inigo at the top of the cliff!!  I’m tempted to email Penguin Books and give them an earful, but if no editors nor publishers caught it anywhere along the way, then plagiarism must be okay these days.  Why even bother being original?!

So, on that note, instead of just saying ‘Bye for now’ like everybody else, I’ll just say OogaOogaOogaShaka.

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