Rainin’ and readin’

We just survived another close weather pattern with high winds and threatening skies—which passed, for the most part, to the north of us without leaving too much destruction in its wake.  The brunt of wind and storm damage clippped the towns north here and into Pennsylvania, though it was thoroughly fascinating to watch both on the ground and on radar.  Meanwhile, I managed to learn quite a bit about storm formations, especially hurricanes (which is SO important here in the midwest).

Nothing much further to report on the storms in and around my knee, but don’t despair, I’m sure there will be all sorts of excitement come midweek—because there always has been, so it follows that my pain should become predictable.  Now, if only I could track it on radar.

In other more noteworthy news, I did manage to finish book two in the Salander saga—enjoying every part but the realization that there’s only one left in the trilogy and possibly only posthumous works by collaborators of the first three.  ELVIS: LIVE IN CONCERT  2010. Get your tickets soon!

It bothers me to think that book retailers must really have a low opinion of my little hick town—nobody wants to set up shop anywhere near here.  Don’t they understand the profit to be made in a town with no entertainment value?!!  A town with this many texting-while-driving accidents is definitely displaying some level of literacy!

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One Response to Rainin’ and readin’

  1. Pauline Coffman says:

    Book Two seemed to go on and on. I was really relieved when I finished it. But Book Three was terrific!

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