Me at the Movies

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Now what’s all this about, you say.  I’m just now realizing that maybe I’m just not cut out to be one of those parent-type people.  I just rented a bunch of movies that’ve piqued my curiosity for awhile.  An odd collection, to say the least, and probably the kind of selections that make salespeople scratch their heads and wonder if their civic duty includes phoning in when customers put together an “iffy” grouping.  My hot pix mix included “Monsters vs. Aliens” (animated), “Watership Down” (also animated) and Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”.  I know, creepy.

Creepier still is the fact that though no alarms went off in the immediate vicinity, I can’t quite shake the feeling that a satellite somewhere out in space just received new targeting coordinates.

Monsters vs. Aliens was rather funny and it seemed as if the writers really pulled out all the stops in order to include every oddball reference to UFO sightings and previously unrealized monster gags.  It was a romp well done.  Watership Down, I’m sure most folks already seen, as it came out in 1978, had somehow managed to escape my notice entirely.  Just what the hell was I doing during the past 32 years that so consumed my attention.  I mean, I caught Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Charlotte’s Web and even Allegro Non Troppo.  No bunny stories.

Turns out, Full Metal Jacket was ordinary old predictable Viet Nam war and gore propaganda—typical pulp fiction grindhouse carnage.  Blah, blah, blah.  It’s a good thing that I waited those 32 years to see Watership Down though, otherwise who knows what kind of warped, twisted individual I may have turned out to be.  FMJ seemed tame by comparison.  I watched WD as I imagined I would were I a parent—animated bunnies in a sing-song Sing Along with Mitch Miller-kinda frame of mind.  What kind of sick individual unleashes this kind of violence on impressionable, young minds (and kid’s minds, too!)?? It was like Peter Cottontail meets Rambo!!  I’ll never view the bunny lifestyle quite the same way ever again.  It stole my innocence.  I feel jaded now.

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