Gumby Meets the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


It’s me again, the officially recognised prototype of the new Gumby Therapy Doll—bend him, twist him,stretch him ’til you think he’ll tear—and watch him snap back to his original shape.  Heeeeeeeee’s Gumby!! Anyway, this isn’t exactly the direction I had intended this post to go, but as I’m trapped at home for another two weeks due to my back problems, I’ll just let Dell run amok and see where it leads.

Remember George, the physical therapy sadist?  I certainly do…c’mon, keep up.  Well, as it turns out, George’s take on my therapy might actually be the better route to my well-being.  I know, I’ve been lambasting his technique for weeks, but it looks like the Gumby Approach (my creation, though it’ll probably end up in a NEJM article) may have its benefits in the long term—-in the short-term, the poor, suffering patient equates to little more than another peasant on the rack!  It’s taken a bit of recovery time to change my attitude toward ol’ Crumplestiltskin.

In other news,  it’s rather amusing that I was just fumbling around yesterday in the vicinity of page 90 or so of Larsson’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and today I find myself at the 350-page marker.  It truly is an engrossing novel and I find it curious that I knew about the Leviticus references before they were revealed as not being telephone extensions—I blew that idea off immediately and took a detour instead toward birthdates. The names on the list, however, seemed a little too archaic for the times, even in Protestant circles.  I high-fived myself at the time.  Now, I’ve just entered into the first meeting between Mikael and Lisbeth and fear I may finish the story before the weekend is through. So, I feel indebted to my sisters for realizing the addictive nature of Larsson’s style (and gave me the books for my BDay) and somewhat saddened that he didn’t even get the chance to become a long-winded, word-weighty blowhard like Stephen King or Tom Clancy whose books are now sold by weight, not content.  Three novels just doesn’t seem like a fair deal!  Even JK Rowling got to see her characters three-dimensionally during her lifetime.  Alas, after Hornet’s Nest I’ll just have to relish his character development and plotlines and hope (like everyone else) for some unheretofore-discovered earlier manuscripts and rough-drafts.

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