A civet grande, please

Have you heard about civet coffee?  This has truly opened my eyes to the real poop behind a story.  As tempting as it sounds, my tax bracket does not allow for such extravagances.  But there is something out there that could truly complete the taste-testing experience.  Here in the States we have a company producing kitty litter that is not only 100% biodegradable, but also faster-clumping, flushable and …wait for it…edible!  It’s made from corn meal and the company claims that it’s digestible by felines and humans alike.  Of course they fail to mention if it’s palatable after being used, but it gives one pause (no pun intended, but I’ll claim it anyway) as to what further uses it has.  “Yes, I’ll have a civet cafe grande with, ooh, are those scones?”   Hard to believe there are still human beings on this planet.  Makes me wonder if there exist exceptions to Darwinism.  Or worse, if we, as a society fully-adapted to consuming everyday chemicals, are evolving into creatures that can flourish in our own waste.

Don’t think on it for too long or you’ll lose your appetite and maybe even your place in the food pyramid!

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