Schätzing is right

Just popping off a quick post before I head out to the doctor’s office (medieval barber) to find out whether or not I’m making any progress or just evolving into another pill-popping American.  It’s getting harder to tell if I do better with or without the constant dosing—the primary drug is Flexapril, a muscle relaxer which probably can’t do much harm, but the secondary is 800 mg Motrin (ibuprofen) which masks the nerve impulses for pain.  Relaxed and comfortable, how am I supposed to know if I’m healing?

Anyhoooo, the Schätzing (of “Swarm” fame) reference was geared toward wondering if Frank is sitting at home right now watching the Earth melt, rumble, erupt and quake. I wonder if he’s saying, “See, I told you so!!”  And are there any royalties for being right or do THEY just send you honorary degrees and maybe a spot on the guest lecture circuit?  One wonders.

I swear, if I’m forced to spend another week with myself I may actually get the drapes finished and maybe revive a few dormant houseplants! Spooky.

Signing off – try to see humor elsewhere in the world.

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