Disjointed and obtuse

Well, it’s been three weeks since I sprained my back, but I swear it feels like 21 days, at least.  Get this…I can’t wait to get back to work!  Call me weird (no, it’s okay, really), but my thinking on physical therapy is…to actually do the work that stretches those muscles in the right places…by doing the work in the workplace!  Of course, the workers’ comp doctors would never let that happen—better to disable myself exercising!!  Woe is me.

Reese’s peanut butter cups…we all love ’em, but beware the dark chocolate variety.  We all know by now that dark chocolate is chock full of anti-oxidants and that’s good for us, but Reese’s didn’t change the peanut butter recipe to match the decreased sugar content of the chocolate, so it results in a really weird flavor combination—kinda like my sister’s German licorice-flavored gummi pacifiers at Christmastime.  Of course, this is just my personal take on odd flavors, but then, my tastebuds were probably tainted early on from sucking down gallons of that Marax Asthma medicine as a kid.

My new favorite commercial is a recent take on the surface lunar excursions by NASA in the sixties.  It features a pair of astronauts cruising across the lunar surface in a dune buggy with the stereo blasting a hip-hop rap tune. They park the buggy and dance to the beat while collecting rock samples, hurling the stones into a plastic shopping baggie like NBA stars shooting baskets “in the paint”.  Having completed their task, they turn back to the lunar dune buggy only to find it jacked-up on cinder blocks with the wheels missing.  In the background, an alien spaceship is taking off at high speed.  It’s the latest campaign from Bridgestone Tires—-I can’t help laughing aloud every time I see it.  Hope you get to see what gives me the giggles.

So, how am I doing for obtuseness so far?  And will I ever get to use the word “obtuse” again?  “Abstruse” maybe.  And will I ever deign to pen another poem?  It’s been awhile and back sprains just don’t fit the bill for frolicking iambs.

Well, that’s about as disjointed a post as I can conjure at the moment—sorry for the lack of continuity, but look at all the consonants I’ve packed in!!

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