NOT coming to a theater near you…

Well, I’ve polished off The Lost Symbol, so I guess there’s only Digital Fortress left in Dan Brown’s collection.  I’m pretty certain that “Symbol” won’t be made into a movie because of the sheer quality of the gore–I just don’t see Ron Howard attempting to churn out this one while keeping it tasteful enough for an educated audience.  Then again, though Angels & Demons was a good movie experience, it strayed so far off the path of the printed story that I thought I was watching a trailer.  That, and the fact that Tom Hanks wasn’t given a chance to “think” his way through the clues as he did in DaVinci Code–every clue that should have caused him to give pause instead just rolled right off his tongue like he was giving a rehearsed narrative and not a lesson in history.  Angels & Demons presented him with a hint and WHOOSH!, he was hot on the trail of Galileo’s centuries-old, deeply-encoded Path of Illumination–nobody likes a smartypants!!  But I purchased the DVD anyway!

I also picked up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and have been enjoying watching that as well–I refuse to comment on how it, too, strays from the original because it’s Harry Potter, and any retelling of the story is good enough for me (I’m not about to reread that tome unless I have a lot of free time).  And yet, I keep all my Potter books together on a shelf as if they’re a priceless heirloom collection–someday I’ll have a complete set of hardbounds, but I think the initial three or four should be soft-covers because it’s the sort of adventure you ought to be able to stuff in your bag or under your pillow without worrying about its condition–it’s a comfort thing.

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