College football in utero

I was just sitting here with yet another college bowl game on in the background, not really paying it any mind when the sportscaster announced that it was time for the halftime show, which I just assumed would be the standard battle of the bands.  But life just keeps getting weirder. In an apparent response to an unasked question, I have discovered just why they have bowl games in the first place:  it’s all about reunions.  Yes, there is the reunion of the two opposing teams, though chances are that the teams have faced each other maybe once in the last 50 years.  And, there is the reunion between the fans and the teams on the field (we haven’t seen either team in at least three weeks).  Then there’s the halftime show and perhaps the most ironic reunion of them all–Kool and The Gang!  Yes, the very same pop sensation that had chart-topping hits in the mid-80’s, that wonderful era in musical history that no one on the field could possibly remember–because they weren’t even born yet!!!!!

Since I’ll probably never change careers to become a sports event planner, hence never getting the chance to introduce logic into these spectacles, I’ll just have to be content with making as much fun of them as I can!

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