Later on…we’ll expire…as our clothes…all catch fire…(yadda yadda yadda…winter wonderland)

Yeah, yeah, I know, not my most inspired lyrics, but decidedly of the variety that this weather brings to mind.  What happened?!!  It was cold earlier in the week, but now it’s downright frigid; blustery winds, sub-zero wind chills, Jack Frost nipping at anything exposed for more than ten seconds–it’s just plain nasty out there!  And yet, intrepid souls that we mid-westerners are (or just too stupid to admit defeat), my sister, her family and I braved the wild frontier to drive the last spike into 2009 by celebrating a belated Christmas dinner. It was a good day: bowl games were on in the background, dinner was truly scrumptious and my niece and nephew were as happy to see their uncle as they were to play with their Christmas gifts–and hey, even the tree was still alive! 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those inside the house, tiny flakes of glacial insanity began to cascade down upon the land.

Which brings me to yet another thing I find myself incapable of fully comprehending: possible precipitation percentages.  Rant-worthy without question, but I’ll not get that far.  My gripe is that a 30% chance of precip has come to be understood as a minimal likelihood of seeing anything from the heavens when, in fact, it actually refers to the three meteorologists in ten who raised their hands at this morning’s meeting when asked if anyone thought it might snow.  And people wonder why I seem to see conspiracies everywhere.

No, don’t worry, the day did not end in a Donner-party-blizzard scenario, but as I type it is still snowing–good thing there’s only a 30% chance of snow out there!  Anyway, we all enjoyed watching our Buckeyes defeat the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl game and much to our surprise, my little nephew uttered perhaps the best comment on the game of football, ever!  Halftime was in full swing and the Oregon marching band took to the field and some of the male cheerleaders started waving the school’s green and yellow flags in unison to the fight song.  He just happened to look up at the TV screen at that moment and asked, “Are they surrendering?”  We all burst out laughing.  It was a good day.

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