Life is but a dream..shaboom shaboom…

Is it just me or are there others out there who, having experienced the 3-D effects in Avatar, now seem to dream in 3-D with an enhanced, Sensaround-quality in clarity or a heightened depth of vision?  My dreams, though fragmented as ever, give the waking illusion of having been something bordering on an event horizon–like a glimpse into the unseen world or an epiphany if you will…I’m not entirely certain of how to express this feeling, save for examples.

Dorothy’s black-and-white Kansas suddenly shifting into technicolor-mode is one example that works pretty well.  Another is how the network videographers tend to interrupt the train of continuity of the program you’re watching with an unannounced pop-up promotional ad in the corner of your TV screen–it’s annoying, but it forces you to re-focus, if but for a moment, yet it nonetheless disturbs the regular flow of thought.

Personally, I tend to rationalize it away as the brain’s normal coping mechanism for dealing with sleep-deprivation or a release of dopamine or endorphins compartmentalized in the rising stress levels of an ordinary day, but I haven’t read that anywhere, so I have no published findings to back that up. It’s weird, like the threshold where thinking and verbal expression meet, but cannot quite seem to adequately merge into a coherent statement. The images I see (no, not abnormally-large, blue cat-people) seem, if not crystal-clear, at least less fuzzy around the edges as compared to things I regularly dismiss from memory upon waking.  Though I still can’t declare with certainty just what exactly those images were, the associated feeling is that I’ve witnessed something extraordinary that may, in time, reveal itself with more coherence as an insight or memory, at which time I’ll still have no idea where it came from!  Nonetheless, I’m just hoping that this is all normal and not some pre-malady symptom.  Who to ask, who would know?

Anyway, I just thought I’d toss this non-sequential skipping-stone into the pond and see what kind of ripples it causes.  You’re welcome.

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