Pome from Home

Happy Autumn to all,

I was just strolling along on my way home from work when a rather annoying rhyme scheme popped into my head. The upshot of this distraction was that I was compelled to write a little poem about the equinoctial influence, and in so doing officially launch my “Pome From Home Challenge”.   “Initiative” is probably the more inviting term as I’d liketo hear from everyone with an idea or a rhyming dictionary.  So without further hype, here is my shot at literary infamy.

Autumnatic Reaction
I heard a rustle, not much more
as something brushed against my door.
A little leaf lay looking wrinkly,
all golden brown and kinda crinkly,
upon the threshold, right-side up,
perchance that I might pick it up.
But when I stooped, my back went out
and I went down, pain-shot throughout.
As I lay sprawled upon the ground,
again I heard that rustling sound.
Then lobe-to-lobe I heard it say,
“This just ain’t our kind of day.”
“I know your pain”, it cried to me,
“I too, have fallen from a tree.”

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